Raxananikoan Myths

The Creation of the World and the Coming of the Great Ones

In the time before time, there was nothing, and there was Raxanazar. Raxanazar was alone, so he changed. He became married to Salaakkiokke, who became the Mother of all creation. As a gift to her, Raxanazar changed nothing into existence, and Salaakkiokke took existence and gave birth to the world.

As the world came into being, other great beings became reality. First came Maxisnen, first of Raxanazar's brothers, who does not change, so that the world remains in existence. Maxisnen created the lands of ice and there he sits. He is alone, and this does not change.

Then Xinadzusal also became reality. He was not content in the lands of the world, so he begged Salaakkiokke to make a new world for him. But Salaakkiokke would not create without the will of Raxanazar, her husband. So Xinadzusal became enraged. In response, Raxanazar changed again. He split the world into two regions: the lands and the seas. Xinadzusal became the lord of seas, and because the land was split for him, he is lord of destruction. Always he wishes to have power over his brother, but Salaakkiokke resists him.

From the strife and woe between Raxanazar and Xinadzusal was born Durnazar, who sows discord among peoples and lives wherever there is war.

Last of Raxanazar's siblings was Ranniklokke. Before she became reality, the world was without color. Ranniklokke came to the earth and filled it with color, for Raxanazar willed that she should have power of change as well. But Ranniklokke wished to change more than color. She changed some of the mountains into fire. This angered Raxanazar. He punished her and diminished her power, so that she can only control details, the small changes. Thus she flies in many directions, going where she will and causing what changes she may.

The Creation of the Sun

As yet the world was still dark, and all things were dim save where momentarily given light by the Great Ones in their moments of creation, or in the sudden surges of the fire-mountains, or the conflicts between the Great Ones, Raxanazar and Xinadzusal. Raxanazar saw that it was not good, and he asked Ranniklokke to add her colors to the sky, that it might become bright. Yet her power was diminished, and though she was able to create shimmering bands of color in the sky for a brief time, they neither lasted nor illuminated the whole of the earth.

Therefore, Salaakkiokke made a great lamp, and Raxanazar filled it with fire from Mt. Raxgud, and Maxisnen gave it permanence. The lamp was set in the sky, and it shone over the whole earth, making all things brighter, and Raxanazar saw that it was good. He blessed it, and called the lamp Zaxorg that is the sun, which burns forever.

But with the awakening of the sun, so too was awakened that dark power which is called Tinxnaluma or Lumakizon, who brings darkness. He saw the light, and he saw the colors of Ranniklokke, and all that the other Great Ones had made, and it made him angry. Thus he spread his cloak of darkness over the sky, blocking the light of the sun and making it night once more.

The Creation of Mortals

Because Raxanazar could not be always watching his younger brother, Xinadzusal, he changed; he changed a portion of the air into a living creature. This living creature had wings, and it could fly on his winds or settle on Salaakkiokke's earth. But it was not like Ranniklokke's butterflies. Its wings were powerful, and its feet were made sharp weapons. From the waters of Xinadzusal, this creature stole fish and ate them. This pleased Raxanazar, for his creatures could fly high over the waters and steal from them, and he would keep them safe from Xinadzusal's anger. He called the creatures birds, and he gave them mastery over all else that flies, for he rules the wind that never ceases to change. He gave them sharp sight, that they could spy far-off things; in this way, he gathered information about the doings all across the earth. This is why he is also called the deity of news.

But the fierce birds saddened Salaakkiokke, so Raxanazar also made lesser birds, without weapons on their feet, to live in the fields and to feed from seeds and berries. This pleased Salaakkiokke, and it also pleased Ranniklokke, for she gave them many colors. Then Kalatuz, the lord of Music, also came down and blessed the lesser birds with the gift of song. And Raxanazar was pleased.

Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke were pleased with the world, but they were alone much of the time. Raxanazar's birds were always about the world, coming to speak to him only when there was need. They wished for creatures what would live closer to them, and who would not fly away. So Raxanazar called one of his great birds and one of his lesser birds to him. He changed them, given them human form. And Salaakkiokke gave them new birth, separating them from the birds. The great bird became the first man, and the lesser bird the first woman. They spoke, and Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke were glad. They clothed their new creations with the skins of the lesser creatures, so that they would be protected wherever they went.

Then Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke showed these speaking creatures to the other Great Ones. Ranniklokke gave them color, especially in their eyes. Maxisnen blessed them with the gift of philosophy, encouraging them to think about their lives. And Xinadzusal taught them to swim in his waters without drowning. But as he did so, he became jealous and stole some of them away to his home. Raxanazar sent his birds to search for the speaking creatures, and he found them lying on the rocks near the sea, slain by Xinadzusal. He and Salaakkiokke wept greatly for their creations. They banished Xinadzusal to the seas, that he might never come upon land again. Then Salaakkiokke picked up the lifeless speaking creatures. She laid them on the waters, calming the waves so that they were not overcome. Then Raxanazar caused his winds to fill them; they gave the speaking creatures part of their spirit, so that they might live again. When the speaking creatures awoke from death, there was rejoicing again.

Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke set the speaking creatures on the ground near Maxisnen's country, so that they might be protected. And Raxanazar caused his home to move, so that it was close to his children always. Salaakkiokke caused the land around the speaking creatures to become a beautiful garden, which they tended. This pleased Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke. Many of the lesser birds came to live in the garden, and they showed the speaking creatures which berries were sweetest. Raxanazar was happy because of this, but he warned the speaking creatures never to harm one of his birds. After a while, the woman bore her husband two children, boy and girl, and they brought them up in the garden, clothing them as Raxanazar clothed them and feeding them as the lesser birds taught them. And Raxanazar watched them.

The Banishment of the Disobedient Children, and the Punishment of Lumakizon

Now Lumakizon, also known as Tinxnaluma, was filled with spite against the speaking creatures, wherefore he disguised himself as one of them and he spoke to the younger ones while their parents were asleep. He said to them, "How is it that you live on berries and fruits alone? Is there not food that Raxanazar has told you not to eat?" Though they knew Raxanazar was listening, they whispered to Tinxnaluma, "Our maker Raxanazar has commanded us not to eat his great birds." Then Tinxnaluma said to them, "This is so, yet this command was given only because their flesh will give you their powers of flight and of far-seeing, whereby you should become strong enough to make your own destinies, instead of following only what Raxanazar has in mind for you. For he wishes you to remain as children forever, going only whither he wishes, and having only what he will give you. Yet should you not eventually become full-grown? Surely it is not good for you to remain as children forever." The children were taken by his words, and they let Lumakizon lead them to a tree where a bird rested. They killed it, and Lumakizon showed them how to make fire so they could eat it. Raxanazar learned of this, and he decreed that the young ones should be sent far from their home as punishment for their crime. Their parents were forbidden to see them leave, and there was weeping in the world.

Lumakizon rejoiced in the weeping; yet he was found by Raxanazar, and was banished then from the land, forced to hide forever in shadows. Then Raxanazar and Salaakkiokke returned to their creations, comforting them in their despair. In time, the original humans had more children, raising them more carefully this time. The banished humans soon raised children of their own as well, and thus humans came to live all over the world.

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