About Raxanadon

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Raxanadon is an island formed by three surfaced volcanoes and the coral reefs that have built up around them, enclosing various lakes. The three mountains are Mt. Raxgud in the southwest, Mt. Zoka in the northwest, and Mt. Zonsak in the northeast. Most civilization is along the shores of the big central lake, Lake Hukasal, or along the southeast coast.

While Mt. Zoka has been dormant since recorded history, Mt. Zonsak and Mt. Raxgud do erupt from time to time. However, as the island is not densely populated, evacuation has never been a problem. Mt. Zonsak is slightly less active than Mt. Raxgud, erupting about once every 100 years. Mt. Raxgud erupts slightly more often, about every 10–50 years. Most of these eruptions are not violent, however.

Because of the volcanic activity, Raxanadon is kept moderately warm for most of the year. The wind currents and the latitude come in to cool the summer, also helping to even out the seasons. This does not mean that there are no seasonal changes; it only means that it doesn't get extremely hot in the summer or unbearably cold in the winter. Many regions receive snow in the middle of winter, but these are also mostly the regions where there are natural hot springs. This duality of ice and snow makes Raxanadon a suitable home for Raxanazar, Lord of Change.

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