This site will hold information on all my various conlang projects.

Conlangs (constructed languages) have been a hobby of mine for several years. None of these projects will ever be complete (and indeed some are still only at the formative ideas stage). For convenience, I have split up the pages according to the various "conworlds" I have created to hold the speakers of these conlangs.

Site News


Replaced the old Tigerian font with a new one, called "Avihalli." The old alphabet shall henceforth be used only for the ancient tongue...[]


Finally, a major update to report. I have overhauled the Tegirenai alphabet, relegating the old one to ancient Avihalli texts. To go along with the new alphabet, there is a new font for Tegirenai. I have also re-added the Tegirenai Calendar Converter, among other updates.

Still working hard...more to come soon...[]


Added some phonology for Crilatsecal; much more development to come on that in the near future. Also added at least a placeholder page for Gurdish. Finally, I added some map images to the top of the landing pages for all four main languages of Athanire. Not a big update, but again...more to come in the near future...[]


Added the Vihal font to the Fonts page. It's a very bare-bones font at the moment (no punctuation or numerals yet), but I'll hopefully update it in the future...[]


Completely overhauled the old Vihal writing sytem and created a new font for it. Have updated the Vihal Phonology page with information about the writing system, phonemes, and syllable structure...[]


A lot of content has been updated...I've been neglectful in posting updates each time I update something, but there is a lot now that has been put in something like decent order. The Raxanadon pages have been mostly rebuilt, along with much of the Serathi content. As well, all the Vowelland sections have been added, and the Avihalli content has been updated and expanded, along with a full dictionary and grammar guide (such as I can provide). More updates hopefully in the near future. Stay tuned, han matenasin...[]


Working on this in progress...[]


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