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Dedicated Consoles

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Dedicated consoles are those which use no cartridges or other media but play only built-in games. The consoles in this list are all from the first generation of video game consoles.

Several of them (all those except the Atari machines) use the AY-35xx "pong-on-a-chip" integrated circuit. While they all therefore technically have the same types of games, however, their specific implementations – including console design, controller design, and other aspects of the game appearance – vary, making them each in these respects unique.

APF TV Fun 1976APF
Atari Pong 1976Atari
Atari Super Pong Ten 1976Atari
Atari Video Pinball – white *1978Atari
Atari Video Pinball – woodgrain 1978Atari
Enterprex Apollo 2001 1977Enterprex
RadioShack TV Scoreboard *1977RadioShack

Atari 2600

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Activision Decathlon, The 1983Activision
Adventure 1980Atari
Adventures of Tron *1982M Network
Air-Sea Battle 1981Atari
Airlock 1982Data Age
Alien 1982Twentieth Century Fox
Amidar 1983Parker Bros.
Armor Ambush *1982M Network
Asteroids *1981Atari
Astroblast 1982M Network
Atlantis 1982Imagic
Barnstorming *1982Activision
Basketball 1978Telegames
Battlezone 1983Atari
Bermuda Triangle 1982Data Age
Berzerk 1982Atari
Blackjack *1977Atari
Blueprint 1983CBS Electronics
Boxing 1980Activision
Breakaway IV 1978Sears
Breakout 1978Atari
Bridge 1980Atari
Bumper Bash 1983Spectravision/Spectravideo
Canyon Bomber 1978Atari
Centipede 1982Atari
Chopper Command 1982Activision
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Artillery Duel (Xonox Double-Ender) 1983Xonox
Circus Atari 1980Atari
Combat *1978Atari
Commando 1985Activision
Commando Raid 1982U.S. Games
Cosmic Ark *1982Imagic
Cross Force 1982Spectravision/Spectravideo
Crypts of Chaos 1982Twentieth Century Fox
Crystal Castles 1984Atari
Dark Cavern 1982M Network
Defender 1981Atari
Demolition Herby 1982Telesys
Demon Attack *1982Imagic
Demons to Diamonds 1982Atari
Dig Dug 1987Atari
Dodge 'Em 1980Atari
Donkey Kong *1982Coleco
Double Dragon 1989Activision
Double Dunk 1989Atari
Draconian 2016Atari Age
Dragonfire 1982Imagic
Dragster 1980Activision
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982Atari
Encounter at L-5 1982Data Age
Enduro *1983Activision
Fantastic Voyage 1982Twentieth Century Fox
Fathom 1983Imagic
Fire Fighter 1982Imagic
Fishing Derby 1980Activision
Flag Capture 1978Atari
Flappy 2014Atari Age
Football 1978Atari
Freeway 1981Activision
Frogger 1982Parker Bros.
Frogs and Flies *1982M Network
Frostbite 1983Activision
Galaxian *1983Atari
Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak (Xonox Double-Ender) 1983Xonox
Ghostbusters 1984Activision
Golf *1980Atari
Gopher 1982U.S. Games
Gorf 1982CBS Electronics
Grand Prix 1982Activision
Gravitar 1988Atari
Gunslinger 1978Sears
Gyruss 1984Parker Bros.
H.E.R.O. 1984Activision
Halo 2600 2013Atari Age
Haunted House 1981Atari
Home Run 1978Atari
Human Cannonball 1978Atari
Hunger Shark ***2015NEO Games
Ice Hockey *1981Activision
Indy 500 1978Atari
Infiltrate 1981Apollo
International Soccer *1982M Network
Jawbreaker 1982Tigervision
Journey Escape 1982Data Age
Joust 1983Atari
Jr. Pac-Man 1987Atari
Jungle Hunt 1988Atari
Kaboom! **1981Activision
Keystone Kapers **1983Activision
King Kong 1982Tigervision
Kool-Aid Man 1983M Network
Kung-Fu Master 1984Activision
Laser Blast 1981Activision
Lock 'N' Chase 1982M Network
M*A*S*H 1983Twentieth Century Fox
Mario Bros. 1983Atari
Masters of the Universe – Power of He-Man 1983M Network
Math Gran Prix 1982Atari
Maze Craze – A Game of Cops & Robbers 1978Atari
Mega Force 1982Twentieth Century Fox
Megamania *1982Activision
Midnight Magic *1987Atari
Millipede 1984Atari
Miner 2049er 1983Tigervision
Miniature Golf 1978Atari
Missile Command 1981Atari
Mogul Maniac 1983Amiga
Moon Patrol 1982Atari
Mountain King 1983CBS Electronics
Mouse Trap 1981Coleco
Mr. Do! 1982Coleco
Ms. Pac-Man 1982Atari
Name This Game 1982U.S. Games
Night Driver 1978Atari
No Escape! 1983Imagic
Oink! 1983Activision
Omega Race 1983CBS Electronics
Omicron 2011Atari Age
Othello 1978Atari
Outer Space 1978Sears
Outlaw 1981Atari
Pac-Man *1981Atari
Phoenix *1982Atari
Pitfall II – Lost Caverns 1984Activision
Pitfall!  *1982Activision
Planet Patrol 1982Spectravision/Spectravideo
Plaque Attack 1983Activision
Pole Position 1983Atari
Popeye 1983Parker Bros.
Porky's 1983Twentieth Century Fox
Pressure Cooker 1983Activision
Private Eye 1984Activision
Q*Bert 1983Parker Bros.
Racquetball 1981Apollo
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1986Atari
Reactor 1982Parker Bros.
RealSports Baseball 1982Atari
RealSports Tennis 1983Atari
RealSports Volleyball 1982Atari
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 1983Twentieth Century Fox
Riddle of the Sphinx 1982Imagic
River Raid *1982Activision
River Raid II 1988Activision
Robot Tank 1983Activision
Seaquest 1983Activision
Shark Attack 1982Apollo
Skiing 1980Activision
Sky Jinks 1982Activision
Sky Skipper 1983Parker Bros.
Slot Racers 1978Atari
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 1982Coleco
Solar Fox 1983CBS Electronics
Solaris 1988Atari
Space Attack *1982M Network
Space Cactus Canyon 2017Atari Age
Space Cavern 1981Apollo
Space Invaders *1978Atari
Space Jockey 1982U.S. Games
Space Shuttle **1983Activision
Space War 1978Atari
Spelling (aka Hangman) *1978Sears
Spider Fighter 1982Activision
Spider-Man 1982Parker Bros.
Spies in the Night 2017Atari Age
Sprintmaster 1988Atari
Stampede 1981Activision
Star Raiders 1982Atari
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 1983Sega
Star Voyager *1982Imagic
Star Wars: Jedi Arena *1983Parker Bros.
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle 1983Parker Bros.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1982Parker Bros.
Starmaster 1982Activision
Stay Frosty 2: Stay Frostier 2014Atari Age
Street Racer 1978Atari
Sub Scan 1983Sega
Summer Games *1987Epyx
Super Baseball *1988Atari
Super Breakout 1978Atari
Super Cobra 1983Parker Bros.
Super Football *1988Atari
Surround 1978Atari
SwordQuest EarthWorld 1982Atari
SwordQuest FireWorld 1982Atari
Tank-Plus 1977Sears
Tapeworm *1982Spectravision/Spectravideo
Tennis 1981Activision
Towering Inferno *1982U.S. Games
Track & Field ††1984Atari
Trick Shot 1982Imagic
Tron Deadly Discs 1982M Network
Turmoil 1982Twentieth Century Fox
Vanguard 1982Atari
Venture 1982Coleco
Video Chess 1978Atari
Video Olympics 1978Atari
Video Pinball 1981Atari
Wall Jump Ninja 2015Atari Age
Warlords 1981Atari
Warplock 1982Data Age
Winter Games *1987Epyx
Wizard of Wor 1982CBS Electronics
Word Zapper 1982U.S. Games
Worm War I *1982Twentieth Century Fox
Yars Revenge 1981Atari

Atari 2600 with Starpath Supercharger

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I have the following games for the Arcadia/Starpath Supercharger (games on cassette):

1. Phaser Patrol *1982Starpath/Arcadia
2. Communist Mutants from Space *1982Starpath/Arcadia
3. Fireball 1982Starpath/Arcadia
4. Suicide Mission 1982Starpath/Arcadia
5. Escape from the Mindmaster 1982Starpath/Arcadia
6. Dragonstomper 1982Starpath/Arcadia


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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin TSR Hobbies
Astrosmash ***Mattel
Baseball (Major League Baseball) *Mattel
Beauty and the Beast *1982Imagic
Bump 'n' Jump Data East
Burger Time *Mattel
Centipede **Atari
Demon Attack *Imagic
Donkey Kong **Coleco
Dragonfire ***Imagic
Hover Force 1986INTV Corporation
Kool-Aid Man *Mattel
Lock 'N' Chase *Mattel
Mission X *1983Mattel
Night Stalker *Mattel
Pinball *Mattel
Pitfall *Activision
Skiing Mattel
Snafu ††Mattel
Space Armada *Mattel
Space Battle *Mattel
Space Hawk Mattel
Star Strike *1982Mattel
Swords and Serpents Mattel
Tennis Mattel
Tron: Deadly Discs *1981Mattel
Utopia *1982Mattel

Intellivision with Intellivoice Module

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B-17 Bomber *Mattel
Bomb Squad *Mattel
Space Spartans *Mattel
Tron: Solar Sailer Mattel


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Have overlay for all.

Armor Attack *1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Berzerk 1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Clean Sweep *1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Cosmic Chasm *1982GCE/Milton Bradley
HyperChase Auto Race 1982GCE/Milton Bradley
MineStorm 1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Protector / Y*A*S*I ****2003Alex Herbert
Scramble 1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Solar Quest *1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Spike **1983GCE/Milton Bradley
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Starhawk *1982GCE/Milton Bradley
Web Wars *1982GCE/Milton Bradley

Nintendo Entertainment System

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Front-loader model; has Blinking Light Win installed.

1942 *Capcom
Alpha Mission SNK
Arkanoid Taito
Athena SNK
Bad Dudes Data East
Batman: The Video Game Sunsoft
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine **Acclaim Entertainment
Defender II HAL America, Inc.
Dragon Warrior **Enix Corporation
Excitebike Nintendo
Friday the 13th LJN
Galaga: Demons of Death *Bandai
Ghosts 'N Goblins Capcom
Golgo 13 Nintendo
Gradius Konami
Gun.Smoke Capcom
Gyruss Ultra
Hogan's Alley Nintendo
Ikari Warriors SNK
Iron Sword: Wizards & Warriors II Acclaim Entertainment
Karate Kid, The LJN
Karnov Data East
Kirby's Adventure Nintendo
Kung Fu IREM Corporation
Legend of Zelda, The – Gold Cartridge *Nintendo
Ninja Gaiden TECMO
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos TECMO
Punch-Out!!, Mike Tyson's Nintendo
Q*Bert Ultra
Skate or Die Ultra
Star Soldier TAXAN
Super C *Konami
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game *Ultra
Track & Field II Konami
Uncanny X-Men, The 1989LJN
Wizards & Warriors Acclaim Entertainment
Xevious Bandai

Atari 7800

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Asteroids *1987Atari
Ballblazer *1987Atari
Choplifter! *1987Atari
Crossbow 1987Atari
Dig Dug 1987Atari
Donkey Kong Junior 1988Atari
Food Fight 1987Atari
Galaga *1987Atari
Joust *1987Atari
Karateka 1988Atari
Mario Bros. 1988Atari
Ms. Pac-Man 1987Atari
One-On-One Basketball *1987Atari
Pole Position II 1987Atari
Robotron: 2084 *1986Atari
Scramble **2012Atari Age
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator 1989Absolute Entertainment
Xenophobe 1989Atari
Xevious 1988Atari

Sega Master System

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All games with case and manual unless otherwise noted.

After Burner 1987Sega
Choplifter 1986Sega
F-16 Fighting Falcon 1986Sega
Missile Defense 3-D **1987Sega
Rocky 1987Sega
Shinobi 1988Sega
Shooting Gallery 1987Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog 1991Sega
SpellCaster 1989Sega
Thunder Blade *1988Sega
Zaxxon 3-D **1987Sega

Nintendo Game Boy

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Arcade Classic 2: Centipede/Millipede *1995The Code Monkeys
King of Fighters '95 1997Takara
Lock N' Chase 1990Data East
Pokémon Blue Version 1998Game Freak
Pokémon Red Version 1998Game Freak
R-Type II 1992IREM Corporation
Tetris 1989Nintendo

Sega Genesis

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Model I and II

Aladdin Disney Software
Altered Beast *Sega
Fatal Fury *Takara
Fix-It Felix Jr. TobiKomi
Gaiares *Renovation Products
Golden Axe *Sega
King of the Monsters 2 Takara
Mortal Kombat *Arena
Ms. Pac-Man *TENGEN
Samurai Shodown *Takara
Sonic & Knuckles Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog *Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 *Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 *Sega
Space Harrier II **Sega
Street Fighter II’ Special Champion Edition *Capcom
Streets of Rage *Sega
Strider *Sega
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers **1994Capcom
Tecmo Super Bowl III *TECMO
Thunder Force III 1990Technosoft
Vectorman Sega
Vectorman 2 *Sega
Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits *Williams Entertainment Inc.


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Blazing Lazers 1989Hudson Soft
Bonk's Adventure 1990Hudson Soft
Galaga '90 1989NAMCO
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones *1989Hudson Soft
King of Casino *1990Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
R-Type 1989IREM Corporation
Splatterhouse 1990NAMCO
Takin' It To The Hoop 1989AICOM Corporation

Atari Lynx

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Model II. Game card only unless otherwise noted.

Batman Returns 1992Atari
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure *Atari
Blue Lightning Atari
California Games Atari
Crystal Mines II Atari
Gates of Zendocon Atari
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Atari
Hydra Atari
KLAX Atari
Kung Food Atari
Ms. Pac-Man Atari
Ninja Gaiden Atari
Paperboy Atari
Pit-Fighter *Atari
Rampage Atari
Rampart Atari
RoadBlasters Atari
Robo-Squash Atari
Rygar Atari
Shadow of the Beast *Atari
Steel Talons Atari
Switchblade II *Atari
Turbo Sub Atari
Viking Child Atari
Xenophobe Atari
Xybots Atari
Zarlor Mercenary Atari

Sega Game Gear

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Aladdin Disney Software
Asterix and the Great Rescue Sega
Columns Sega
Jurassic Park Sega
Lion King Disney Software
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Sega
Mortal Kombat Arena
Poker Face Paul's Solitaire Adrenalin Interactive
Streets of Rage 2 Sega

Super NES

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Art of Fighting 1993Takara
Brutal: Paws of Fury 1994GameTek
F-Zero *Nintendo
Fatal Fury 2 1992Takara
Final Fight *Capcom
Home Alone *Toy Headquarters, Inc.
Phalanx 1992Kemco
Sim City *Nintendo
Street Fighter II 1992Capcom
Street Fighter II Turbo 1993Capcom
Super Ghouls & Ghosts *Nintendo
Super Mario Kart *Nintendo
Super Mario World *Nintendo
Super R-Type IREM Corporation
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers *1994Capcom
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past *Nintendo

Sega CD

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Model 1

Heimdall *1994Core Design
Sewer Shark ***1992Digital Pictures
Silpheed 1993Game Arts
Star Wars: Rebel Assault *1993LucasArts
Wolfchild **1992Core Design

Sega 32X

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Doom *1994Sega
Knuckles' Chaotix *1995Sega
Metal Head 1995Sega
Star Wars Arcade 1994Sega

Sega CD 32X

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Corpse Killer 1994Digital Pictures
Supreme Warrior 1994Digital Pictures

Sega Saturn

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Daytona USA 1995Sega
Fighting Vipers 1996Sega
Solar Eclipse 1995Crystal Dynamics
Virtua Cop 1995Sega
Virtua Fighter 2 1995Sega


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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 1996Takara
Capcom vs. SNK Pro 2001Capcom
Crash Bandicoot Warped **1996Naughty Dog, Inc.
Darkstalkers 3 *1998Capcom
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring 1997Squaresoft
Final Fantasy IX 2000Squaresoft
Gex 1995Crystal Dynamics
Gunship ***1996MicroProse
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001EA Games
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2000Capcom
King of Fighters ’99, The 1999SNK
Mortal Kombat 3 1995Midway Games
Mortal Kombat 4 1998Midway Games
Pong: The Next Level 1999Atari Interactive
Ridge Racer 1994NAMCO
Rival Schools 1998Capcom
SoulBlade 1997NAMCO
Space Invaders 1999Activision
Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi 1997LucasArts
Street Fighter Alpha 3 1999Capcom
Street Fighter EX plus α 1997Capcom/Arika
Street Fighter EX2 Plus 1999Capcom/Arika
Street Fighter: The Movie 1995Acclaim Entertainment
Tekken 1995NAMCO
Tekken 2 1996NAMCO
Tekken 3 1998NAMCO
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 2000Neversoft
Wipeout ***1995Psygnosis
Xevious 3D/G+ 1997NAMCO

Nintendo Game Boy Color

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Do not have console.

Animorphs 2000Runny-Fun
Pac-Man Special Color Edition 2000NAMCO
Yars' Revenge *1999Telegames


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Have case and manual for all.

Armada 1999Metro3D, Inc.
Atari Anniversary Edition 2001Infogrames
Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves 2000SNK
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix 2001Capcom
Last Blade 2 – Heart of the Samurai 2001SNK
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 2000Capcom
Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein 2000Capcom
Project Justice 2001Capcom
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 1999Midway Games
SoulCalibur 1999NAMCO
Virtua Fighter 3tb 1999Sega
Wacky Races 2000Infogrames

PlayStation 2

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Arcana Heart 2008Atlus
Art of Fighting Anthology 2007SNK Playmore
Bloody Roar 3 2001Activision
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1 2007SNK Playmore
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 2008SNK Playmore
Guilty Gear X2 2003Arc System Works
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 2007Aksys Games
Intellivision Lives 2003Crave Entertainment
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 2002Capcom
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum 2007SNK Playmore
Oni 2001Bungie / Rockstar Games
Pitfall: The Lost Expedition 2004Activision
R-Type Final 2004IREM Corporation
Samurai Shodown Anthology 2009SNK Playmore
SoulCalibur II 2003NAMCO
SoulCalibur III 2005NAMCO
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology 2006Capcom
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection 2004Capcom
Street Fighter EX3 2000Capcom/Arika
Tekken 4 2002NAMCO
Tekken 5 2005NAMCO
Tekken Tag Tournament  2000NAMCO
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match 2008SNK Playmore
The King of Fighters 2002/2003 2006SNK Neo Geo
The King of Fighters 2006 2006SNK Playmore
The King of Fighters Collection – The Orochi Saga 2008SNK Playmore
The King of Fighters XI 2007SNK Playmore
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution 2003Sega
World Heroes Anthology 2008SNK Playmore

Game Boy Advance

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SP version.

Iridion 3D *2001Shin'en
Tekken Advance 2002NAMCO

Nintendo DS

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Do not have console, only games.

Pokémon Platinum 2009Game Freak

PlayStation Portable

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Guilty Gear Judgment 2006Majesco
SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny 2009NAMCO Bandai
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max 2006Capcom
Tekken 6 2009NAMCO Bandai
Tekken: Dark Resurrection 2006NAMCO Bandai

PlayStation 3

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger 2009Aksys Games
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2010Aksys Games
Heavenly Sword 2007Ninja Theory
LittleBigPlanet **2009Media Molecule
LittleBigPlanet 2 2011Media Molecule
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 *2009Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 2011Capcom
ModNation Racers 2010United Front Games
Mortal Kombat 2011NetherRealm Studios
Rock Band 2007Harmonix
Rock Band 2 2008Harmonix
Rock Band 3 2010Harmonix
Skullgirls *2012Reverge Labs
SoulCalibur II HD Online  *2013NAMCO Bandai
SoulCalibur IV 2008NAMCO Bandai
SoulCalibur V 2012NAMCO Bandai
Street Fighter IV 2009Capcom
Street Fighter X Tekken 2012Capcom
Super Street Fighter IV 2010Capcom
Tekken 6 2009NAMCO Bandai
Tekken Hybrid 2011NAMCO Bandai
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 2012NAMCO Bandai
The Beatles: Rock Band 2009Harmonix
The King of Fighters XII 2009SNK Playmore
The King of Fighters XIII 2011Atlus
Tron: Evolution 2010Propaganda Games
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 2011Capcom

Nintendo 3DS

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XL version.

Mario Kart 7 2011Nintendo
Pokémon Omega Ruby 2014Game Freak
Pokémon Red (3DS) *2016Game Freak
Pokémon Sun 2016Game Freak
Pokémon Y 2013Game Freak
Super Smash Bros. 2014Sora Ltd. / Bandai Namco Games

PlayStation 4

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Fighting EX Layer *2018Arika
Soul Calibur VI 2018NAMCO Bandai
Street Fighter V 2016Capcom
Tekken 7 2017NAMCO Bandai

Nintendo Switch

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 2017Nintendo
Pokémon Let's Go Eevee 2018Nintendo
Pokkén Tournament DX 2017Nintendo
Splatoon 2 2017Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2018Nintendo
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition 2017Bethesda
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017Nintendo






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