> You see Re Talgon.

He stands roughly 5′ 10″ tall, although you can't be sure as you look at him. His form is wrapped in a dark grey cloak, and underneath his clothes are ashen, trimmed with crimson. He wears worn and scarred leather gloves of an indeterminate hue, so long have they seen daily use. His feet are likewise wrapped inside boots that mark him as one who has traveled long roads for many years, so worn and faded are they from use.

If you notice him in the right direction, or perhaps just from the corner of your eye, he appears to be carrying a sheathed sword on his back, with a red garnet stone set in its pommel. If you try to see it, however, you may find it must have been just an idle fancy of your mind.

Of his face you can see little, under his grey hood, except for his eyes and mouth, and a short brush-like beard. His eyes, the same deep crimson as his hair, have a piercing look to them, as if they can see through even the miry shadows of the mind. His mouth is twisted into a crooked smile, for he possesses a secret that only he knows…