The kingdom of Ahneben is the principal power in the south of Iáhne. Its name, "Land of Ahn" points back to Den Rin-Ahn, a quasi-mythical king who rose to power amid a period of loosely-united and often warring smaller kingdoms.

aroben tA rekazAl garenese nolezAl.


Though each region harbours numerous dialects, the kingdom is united by the Ahnakáh language.

Ahnakáh Alphabet Song

The Ahnakáh alphabet runs in this order: AH, K, A, I, T, S, R, G, D, E, L, N, O, F, B, P, V, Z, Y. Note that Y is not written as a letter in its own right, but rather as a small diacritical (derivative of the letter I) above the following vowel. However, as many words begin with the sound, it has its own place in the alphabet. To help memorize the order of letters, children memorize a special chant:

A kA`ya itA` sa`.
rinega al do`re, ni laren notAya.
fera be`t ni Apen, va`nat zAle yAse.

Ah káhya itáh sá.
Rinega al dóre, ni Laren notahya.
Fera bét ni Ahpen, vánat zahle yahse

I speak only truth.
Home is good, I love Mother.
Go beside Father, he approves of being brave.

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