Crilatse - Phonology


Crilatse phonology is unusual among Athanire languages for having no voiced plosives or fricatives and no nasal consanants whatsoever, as well as using several sounds not seen elsewhere. The near-exclusive use of voiceless consonants has given the Crilatse people the nickname "The Whisperers."

Plosivep <p>t <t>k <c> 
Trill r <rr> 
Tap/Flap ɾ <r> 
Fricativeɸ <f> s <s>ʃ <ss>x <hh>h <h>
Lateral Fricative ɬ <ll> 
Lateral Approximant l <l> 

Closei <i> 
 ʏ <u> 
Open-midɛ <e> 
Opena <a> 

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