The Vihal people are close cousins to the Tegirenai, and their language is thus related. Both languages derive from the ancient tongue Avihalli.

Writing system

Vihal uses a syllabic alphabet, where each character represents an individual syllable, rather than a single sound:

Syllable Character   Syllable Character   Syllable Character
vi a   ri q   mi I
va b   ra r   ma J
vu c   ru s   mu K
vil d   ril t   mul L
hi e   si u   di M
ha f   sa v   da N
hu g   su w   du O
hal h   sil x   dil P
li i   bi A   ki Q
la j   ba B   ka R
lu k   bu C   ku S
al l   bal D   kil T
ni m   ji E      
na n   ja F      
nu o   ju G      
nul p   jal H      
i U   a V   u W
l X   n Y   il Z


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